Our Vision


Create a better living environment with the most advanced building material in New Zealand. Enviro Square’s KAPO Board is the most versatile, durable and affordable wall lining in the market. One board, many applications. We are fully operated in New Zealand.


Versatile – Suitable for all applications, from wet to fire-resistant, from ceiling to wall. All in one product. 

Durable – With 20 years of warranty you can rely on.

Affordable – The best quality product at the best price.

We strongly advocate the use of clean and green materials. As part of the construction industry, we can play an important role in promoting the use of environmentally friendly building materials for a cleaner, greener, and sustainable living environment. We constantly work with laboratories around the world to achieve that vision. From China associated laboratory to Local New Zealand BEAL and BRANZ. We've always strived to work in collaboration with other brands to bring together better building solutions and results for constructors and builders. 

In recent years they have set up close co-operative relationships with customers in New Zealand. The reliable quality and reasonable price of the products have earned KAPO Board recognition and favour from the customers.