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Our projects has been widely used across New Zealand. Such as Auckland, Queenstown, Dunedin, Wellington, Christchurch and Nelson.

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Why Kapo Board?

KAPO Board is an alternative wall lining than Fibre Cement Board.  It is made of calcium silicate.
A non-combustible and hazardous-free wall lining. A new environmentally products in the industry. It has a more considerable advantages of water resistant, fire resistant, thermal insulation support, acoustic support, higher strength, a resistance of corrosion and longer usage life.

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One product, many applications

  • Residency benefits:

    • Optimised of a wall liner

    • Increased privacy for main room, such as Master-bedroom or Living room 

    • Better insulation

    • Increased acoustic, reduced noise between rooms

    • Better finishing

  • For decorative applications, As a fire protective solution.



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