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Conditions Of Use of CAD and PDF Drawings

If you do NOT agree to the provisions below, do not use the Enviro Square's CAD and PDF drawings.

Copyright in this information belongs to Enviro Square and the reproduction of this material is only authorised for purposes connected with the specification or use of Enviro Square's products. This information is intended to be informative and used as a guideline in conjunction with the relevant Enviro Square's literature. Due to the many variables affecting different projects it cannot replace the judgement or advice of an architect, engineer or other relevant technical expert. Such experts must be consulted to determine the suitability or otherwise of the details or the necessity for further design or detailing. 

CAD drawings available from the Enviro Square's website are solely for the purposes of detailing, specifying, using, and promoting the use of, Enviro Square products and systems in conjunction with Enviro Square's Systems.

Permitted Use

Enviro Square's CAD drawings are protected by copyright laws. All Enviro Square's intellectual property rights, libraries, technical specifications are exclusive property of Enviro Square.

The User is authorised to reproduce and distribute exact copies or exact extracts of the CAD drawings for the sole purpose of detailing, specifying, using and promoting the use of Enviro Square's Products and Systems.

Warranty & Legal Information

All Enviro Square's products are sold with a full product warranty. The product applications and installation recommendations described in this website have been formulated along the lines of good building practice.